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Studio A in Nashville brings the best of all worlds to your finger-tips. Mountains of beautiful vintage equipment and cutting-edge software and hardware where it counts. 

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  • 80 Channel SSL 9000J with Ultamation

  • Kinoshita/Hidley Mesa 7 20Hz with matched TAD componets powered by Charles Diana "Black Widow" 3400W custom power amps

  • A wide variety of nearfield monitoring including;

  • ATC Pro 25a

  • KRK E8

  • Yamaha NS10m

  • Genelec 1031& 1032

  • Tannoy

  • Mackie

  • Call for more details.  

OUTBOARD Pres & GEAR (at a glance)
  • Pro Tools HDX 10 and 11. 

  • 2x Avid HDX cards

  • 24in 32out Burl Mothership

  • Additional 48in 48out Avid HDIO

  • Studer A827 2" 24 Track

  • Studer A800 2" 24 or 16 Track

  • Studer A80 1/2" 2 Track

  • Ampex ATR100 1/2" 2 Track

  • 8x Neve 1081

  • 2x Neve 33102

  • 12x Neve 1272

  • 2x API 4312 (4 pres per unit)

  • 8x API 312 in custom HOB rack

  • 12x Pultec EQs

  • 4x Urie 1176......

  • Full Gear List

Gear at a Glance...

For a full detailed list including microphones and Layout click this arrow...

Scroll down for pictures and layout

Studio A

Studio A

Studio A Main Live Room

Studio A

Studio A

Studio A Main Live Room looking towards the Control Room. Vocal booth can be seen to the right of this image

Studio A

Studio A

A closer look at the door to the vocal booth

Studio A

Studio A

Studio A Main Live Room looking towards the Piano room. An additional booth to the right of this image.

Studio A Piano Room

Studio A Piano Room

Stone Room

Stone Room

Our Stone Room offers a unique sound and space for anything from Drums to Vocals.

Studio A

Studio A

Studio A

Studio A

Control Room

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